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Resources for Local League Treasurers

Treasurer Responsibilities

Regulatory Responsibilities (pdf)
A summary of the regulatory requirements for the treasurer

990N - How to file an 990N ePostcard (pdf)
All local leagues must file an annual 990N ePostcard with the IRS by 5 months and 15 days after the end of their fiscal year to maintain their non-profit status (e.g. if FY ends June 30, it must be filed by Nov 15)  IRS 990N ePostcard Filing Site

Do I need to collect sales tax? (pdf)
Most of the activities of the local league qualify for exemption from Indiana Sale Tax.  Read the attached summary to be sure.

PMP - What are the current state and national PMP (Per Member Payments) (pdf)

Is it Advocacy or is it Lobbying? (pdf)
A white paper from the LWVUS provides guidance

Treasurer's Report - Example (pdf)
An example of a treasurer's report in Excel format

Workshop - Treasurer's Role and ClubExpress
Slides from the Zoom Workshop on September 15, 2020


Application Form ( downloadable Excel format) (View PDF)

Final Report Form 
(downloadable WORD format)  (View PDF)

Education Fund
Deposit Form
 (downloadable Excel format) (View PDF)

Education Fund and the Local Leagues  (pdf)
Detailed information about the use of the Education Fund

Expense Report for LWVIN business  
Expense Report 
(downloadable Excel format)  (View PDF)