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Redistricting Resources

Civic Conversations: 2020 Election Review

December 2, 2020 Civic ConversationsElectionsNewsWFHB Local News Features 13 Views


"Today’s episode focuses on a review of the 2020 election. You will hear host Jim Allison’s interview with Julia Vaughn, Policy Director for Common Cause Indiana.  Groups like the League of Women Voters and Common Cause are calling for reform on what they call partisan redistricting. These groups are fighting for an independent commission to redraw legislative maps." "The League of Women Voters is a nonpartisan, grassroots, citizen-led organization that has fought since 1920 to improve our government and engage all citizens in the decisions that impact their lives."  "Stay tuned next month for an episode on the Supreme Court – Jim Allison will interview Shelia Kennedy, professor of law for the School of Public Environmental Affairs at IUPUI."

WLFI (Lafayette) posts information about redistricting and the tasks ahead for the legislature.

Click to visit website

Other Media Coverage

"Last-Minute Redistricting Reform Unlikely As Advocates Continue Push"
See January 8, 2020, article from Indiana Public Media

Voter Suppression Documentaries Showings


Suggested documentaries
See a list of films about voter suppression and redistricting

Sample Invitation to documentaries
View a sample invitation to a public showing

Sample project
View a proposal from the LWV Bloomington-Monroe County to partner with local organizations to screen the documentaries.

Fliers and Posters for showings

Uncivil War
See resources used by LWV Muncie-Delaware County for public screening

  (Download Word)  (View PDF)

  (Download Word)  (View PDF)

  (Download Word)  (View PDF)
Click to download

Line in the Street
Click image to download

Suppressed - The Fight to Vote
Click to download image

Graphics - Downloadable
Use these graphics for websites and social media

LWV United States

LWVUS Redistricting Speakers Bureau Program
LWVUS shares their new Speakers Bureau Program. As part of the People Powered Fair Maps work, the advocacy team has created a packet explaining how your league can create their own redistricting-focused speakers bureau. This packet has all the information you need to start recruiting, advertising, and building out your own speakers bureau program. Click above to see the packet.

LWVUS People Powered Fair Maps Landing Page
The LWVUS has officially launched the People Powered Fair Maps (PPFM) landing page! This is a public facing page where anyone can learn more about PPFM and get a glimpse into the work that is being done across our nation to ensure a fair and transparent redistricting process.

Redistricting Mapping Software

Dave's Redistricting Map

An interactive map allowing you to try your hand at redistricting


Social Media - Useful information
Same blocks of text usable in social media posts about gerrymandering and redistricting

Redistricting House Parties - A Guide
A monograph presented at the LWVIN State Convention 2017 with suggestions on how to host a house party to discuss gerrymandering.

Drawing a Line for Democracy
A 2013 packet on redistricting prepared by LWV Indianapolis and Common Cause

LWV Indiana

Election and Voting Rights Positions
View the position statements from the State League

Indiana State Government 

Redistricting Study Committee 2016
The report of the 2016 Special 
Interim Study Committee on Redistricting
   Also view the LWV Indiana response to the study
   Also view the slide presentation from the LWV and Common Cause

Miscellaneous Resources


Redistricting Flier
An example flier about redistricting from the LWV South Bend Area


Sample resolution (Download Word) (View/Download PDF))
A sample resolution for adoption by local 
governments to support redistricting