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State Board Resources

Other Resources

League Basics  (pdf)
An introduction to the League written by the LWVUS which provides an overview of governance, non-partisanship, finance, programming and positions, communication and membership.

New Board Member Orientation  (pdf)
Helpful advice to new board members on how to transition to effective board participation.

Policies and Procedures (pdf)
Detailed information about how the LWVIN functions

Education Fund  (pdf)
How the Education Fund operates, how to deposit donations, and how to request funds

Coalitions  (pdf)
Other organizations that the LWVIN supports and participates in their activities

Events  (pdf)
Information for planning various events
   President's Day

Strategic Planning Worksheets
   Viewable PDF
   Downloadable MS Word format

Best Practices  (pdf)
A monograph on suggested best practices for state and local leagues from the LWVUS

League Lingo  (pdf)
A listing of terms and abbreviations frequently used within the League

Fundraising 101  (pdf)
A monograph on effective fundraising from the LWVUS
LWV Indiana


LWV Indiana Position Page

LWVIN Nonpartisanship Policy - July 2019
The League takes action on governmental measures and policies in the public interest. However, it shall not support or oppose any political party or candidate.  Members should read this policy carefully.

Expense Report
(downloadable Excel format)
Expense Report for LWVIN business

LWV United States 

Talking points
Language and best practices state and local Leagues are encouraged to use for public outreach when working on LWVUS priority issues.

LWVUS Impact on Issues 2020-2022  
A Guide to Public Policy Positions from the national League

Congressional Interview Guide and Materials - January 2021
The League is releasing our revamped congressional interview program: Rep the League! The start of the 117th Congress this January provides League advocates with an extra opportunity to connect with freshman and returning lawmakers.

Other Issue Tools In Depth 
From advancing health care to protecting the environment, voters care about many issues. Use these tools to promote our goals of social and economic justice as well as the health and safety of all Americans.

Policies and Guidelines
Tools to assist Leagues in understanding operating procedures, onboarding new leadership, and implementing new processes.

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

View guidance from the LWVUS

DEI Policy

DEI Guide



Bylaws - LWV United States 


New League Starter Kit
White paper from LWVUS provides guidance on creating a new local league.  Includes information on suggest bylaws, nonpartisan and DEI policies, monetary procedures. (revised 2017)