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Voter Services Resources




LWVUS Suggested Messaging Calendar
As Leagues prepare for upcoming elections, LWVUS has updated the suggested messaging calendar to include dates, awareness months, and anniversaries for 2024. This calendar links to talking points, graphics, communication tools, and additional resources Leagues can refer to when planning their content calendar for the upcoming year. This calendar will be refreshed again to include dates and resources for Fall 2024.

LWV United States - Talking Points: Advancing Pro-Voter Reforms
An online resource for voting rights bills talking points (2023).  Includes discussion of same-day voter registration, early voting, mail-in voting, maintenance of voter lists, and more.

LWV United States - Election Preparation Toolkit

Check it out for messaging tools, rapid response guidance, GOTV ideas, and more to get ready for the elections (LWVUS website).

LWV United States - Position on ERIC (Electronic Registration Information Center)
The Electronic Registration Information Center (ERIC) is a nonpartisan membership organization comprised of state election officials from around the United States who have chosen to opt into ERIC, and the states that do so make up ERIC's funding.  Click link to see LWVUS position as of April 20, 2023.

LWV United States - Legal Center
Visit the national league's Legal Center for updates on litigation.
"Litigation empowers our fight for the issues that matter most to communities: protecting the right to vote, promoting fair and accessible elections, ending big-money corruption, and reinforcing the dignity that people across the country deserve."


Changes to Absentee Ballot Application in 2023
In 2023 the state legislature passed legislation that made changes to the application for a mail-in absentee ballot.  This document explains those changes and walks through some scenarios

Indiana Election Calendar 2024
Official dates for registration, absentee ballots and more...

Voting Information – Let’s Talk About Absentee Ballots

Are you scratching your head wondering about changes to Indiana’s voting laws? 

Are you feeling flummoxed by the new absentee voting rules? 

Are you baffled by how to help our fellow voters?


You’ve come to the right place! 


The League of Women Voters of Indiana and Indiana Vote By Mail

held a Zoom meeting to quell your worries, assuage your doubts, and ease your confusion. 


Held 9/7/23 


Linda Hanson and Barbara Tully talked about 

voting in Indiana, new absentee rules, and a really badly written law. 

View the Powerpoint from the presentation



Youth Voter Registration Material

High School Voter Registration
View the powerpoint slides from the very popular High School Voter Registration zoom sessions hosted by the LWVIN Voter Services Coordinating Committee during the late Fall of 2023

Teacher's Guide - Youth Registration (view pdf)
View a sample guide for teachers developed by LWV Indianapolis
Download as Word Document

Student Handout (view pdf)
View a sample guide for students developed by LWV Indianapolis

Student Residency Requirements - Indiana (view pdf)
View State of Indiana student residency requirements

Student Voter Registration (2022) (view pdf)
Powerpoint provided by LWV Greater Lafayette
Download as Word Document

Pledge Contract Card (view pdf)
View a sample voting pledge card developed by LWV Indianapolis
Download as Word Document

Post Registration Survey (view pdf)
View a sample post-registration survey developed by LWV Indianapolis
Download as Word Document

Increase Voter Turn Out By Targeting Youth Voters - 2022 (view pdf)
Suggestions for increasing youth voter turn out

Voter Engagement White Paper Action Plan
White paper from Opportunity Youth United

2022 General Election Checklist (pdf)
View the checklist developed by LWV Indianapolis

Election Preparation Toolkit
A resource from LWVUS that provides resources on all things elections: whether it is candidate engagement, GOTV, rapid response guidance, or social media graphics

2022 Voter Registration Training Powerpoint

View pdf of LWV Indianapolis Training session which contains detailed information about how to register voters correctly.

Get Out the Vote (GOTV)


National Voter Registration Day (pdf)

One of the best resources for Get-Out-the-Vote activities is the National Voter Registration Day. The LWV is a Premier Partner of this organization. This resource provides election dates and GOTV suggestions.

GOTV Active Services Report (2018) (pdf)
Summary of many GOTV and registration activities from LWV Montgomery County (Myra Dunn Abbott)

General Election GOTV Resources (2022) (pdf)
Includes links, suggestions, and important dates

Ideas For Registration And GOTV (2022)(view pdf)

Provides a structure for developing a GOTV plan and a list of various GOTV ideas/suggestions.

Addressing Voting Barriers (2022) (pdf)
Information from the Voter Services Coord Comm about various barrier to voting and how to help overcome them.

LWV Montgomery County has used temporary tattoos at events and found that it increases visitor engagement. Click link to see more

Election Data

From the LWVIN Voter Services Coordinating Committee


General Election

2022 Summary Report
View a summary powerpoint developed by the LWVIN Voter Services Coordinating Committee.
Includes recommendations and review of turn-out data by county.

(View PDF)

2022 General Election Statewide Voter Data

Contains detailed data by county of turnout, mode of voting, straight party voting, election costs and more.
(View PDF) (Download Excel)

Primary Election

2022 Primary Election Data

2022 Primary Election CEB-9 Summary (pdf)


2022 Primary Election Statewide Voter Data

(View pdf) (Download Excel)

Indiana voter turnout: A harbinger of things to come in 2024?
A July 2023 article from the Indiana Business Research Center, Indiana University Kelley School of Business, raises the question about voter turnout rates we can anticipate this fall and going into the 2024 elections. As we work to register voters and urge them to vote, this assessment is sobering.   Are recent turnout rates "a harbinger of things to come in 2024?"  

Click above to see the full article.
2020 General Election Analysis and Report

Most election data analysis focuses on the partisan political nature of our elections.   As a non-partisan political organization, we focus broadly on a citizen’s right to vote and to vote in an informed manner irrespective of the specific candidate or party.   This report focuses on how Indiana counties conducted the 2020 General Election and how voters chose to vote (not who they vote for).

See report (pdf)

The source data behind our Election 2020 report was gathered from every county and compiled into a single spreadsheet.  Download your own copy of this spreadsheet to gain your own insights into the data or to perform benchmarking analysis.

See data behind the report (excel download)

2020 Election Data

Voter Statistics For Hancock County - Powerpoint
Powerpoint presentation of detailed information about voting patterns in their county from data developed by the VSCC.
View PDF       Download Powerpoint

2020 General Election Voting Statistics - Hamilton County
View PDF of Powerpoint


LWVUS Impact on Issues 2022-2024
A MUST read.  A Guide to Public Policy Positions from the national League

Election Preparation Toolkit
A resource from LWVUS that provides resources on all things elections: whether it is candidate engagement, GOTV, rapid response guidance, or social media graphics

ACLU Yes! You Can Vote Campaign
Get more information about who can vote in Indiana from the ACLU including information about recently naturalized citizens, incarceration and transgender voting rights.

Case For Voter Registration Modernization
White Paper from the Brennan Center for Justice

Engaging New Voters

White paper from NonProfit Vote

Voting Laws Roundup 2021
See the research from the Brennan Center about 2021 laws

How hard is it to vote in your state?
Article from Northern Illinois University comparing voting 
difficulty by state

Securing Our Elections: Verifiable Ballots
See a white paper on verifiable ballots written by our Co-President Dr Linda Hanson.

Election Integrity
Election-Integrity -A Pro-Voter Agenda 2017 
From the Brennan Center

2022 Midterm Election - Powerpoint

Developed by LWV Indianapolis for the midterm election.
Will require minor editing to use in different locations
View PDF       Download Powerpoint

Township Governance

United Township Association of Indiana
This is an excellent website for information regarding Township Government. General history and structure. Also the responsibilities of Trustee and Board. Review Duties (in top tabs) for a list of the possible specific duties of a Township. 

Indiana Civics Health Index - 2023 Report
This sixth edition of the Indiana Bar Foundation’s Indiana Civic Health Index (INCHI) takes stock of Indiana’s successes and shortcomings during the past decade and defines action steps to ensure Indiana becomes a national leader in civic health. 

In this latest INCHI we look at new data from the 2022 election cycle as

well as additional data demonstrating other areas of our state’s civic health as we

look forward to the national elections in 2024. The insights gained by examining

Hoosiers’ participation in civic life from 2010 to the present will inform and

motivate citizens and leaders alike to build a culture of civic engagement that

enhances our economic, social, and political wellbeing.

Debate and Candidate Forums

FAQ's: League Candidate Debates and Forum
Best practices for conducting a debate/forum from LWVUS including what to do if a candidate refuses to participate and the "empty chair" request.

‘What If’ Tips for League Candidate Forums-Debates
Local Leagues may encounter situations in which candidates decline to participate in LWV- sponsored candidate forums or debates.

Debate Timer Cards

These cards were developed for the 2022 Secretary of State televised debate.

The powerpoint slides are available in both letter and legal size and are easily editable (to permit changing the logo, etc).  The only difference is the use of a stoplight image on the legal size.  There are no copyright issues.

We printed them on card stock with same image both sides.  We laminated them but they work fine just on card stock.  We gave the timer the choice of using the '0 Seconds' or 'Stop' card, depending on circumstances.

Download: Letter Size  Legal Size

Letter Size

Legel Size

Voting Guides

Are Your Voter's Guide Questions as Unbiased as you think?

A guide to developing questions from the LWVUS

Sample Voter Guide

Sample for Voter Guide for the General Election from LWV Hamilton County

Extensive resources from LWV Indy  

LWV Indy provides a link to their Shared Google drive containing a wealth of examples including education, absentee ballots, social media, new citizen information, Voter ID rules, checklists, and more. View Google Drive

Absentee Process

Absentee Ballot - Decision Tree

A step-by-step guide to obtaining an absentee ballot.

Mismatched Absentee Ballot Signature Order

Following a ruling from U.S. Southern Indiana District Judge Sarah Evans Barker on August 21, Indiana Secretary of State Connie Lawson issued an order mandating absentee ballot voters be informed of mismatched signature as reason for rejection of their ballot; setting forth the procedure for informing the voter when a ballot is rejected for a mismatched signature; and establishing a procedure permitting a voter to cure a mismatched ballot envelope signature


Student Registraion Workshop 7/26/22

Ken Jones, Voter Services Chair, LWV Greater Lafayette, discusses the how and why's of student registration.

Debate/Candidate Forum Workshop 3/24/22

Dr. Elizabeth Bennion, Chancellor's Professor of Political Science at Indiana University South Bend, discussed best practices for organizing and moderating candidates debates based on her experience organizing non-partisan debates for municipal, county, state, and national candidates for multiple communities.

Immigration Law
See the Virtual Speaker Series from LWV Muncie-Delaware County featuring immigration attorney Angela Adams
February 27, 2021