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Voter Services Resources

S2747 - Freedom to Vote Act
The Freedom to Vote Act is a transformative voting rights bill that will protect and expand the right to vote, decrease the influence of money in politics and curb partisan gerrymandering

Contact your Senators and urge them to support S2747

Click here to read more and take
action at LWV US

Read the text of S2747

Why Congress Must Pass Election Reform
Read the monograph from the Brennan Center

Open letter to Senator Todd Young
Read the response from the LWVIN Voter Services Coordinating Committee (VSCC) to Senator Young's letter (download MS Word version)

For the People Act
Read the actual text of the bill

Voter Guides
2020 General Election

Are Your Voter's Guide Questions as Unbiased as you think?
A guide to developing questions from the LWVUS

Sample Voter Guide
Sample for Voter Guide for the General Election from LWV Hamilton County

2020 Absentee Process

Absentee Ballot - Decision Tree
A step-by-step guide to obtaining an absentee ballot.

Mismatched Absentee Ballot Signature Order
Following a ruling from U.S. Southern Indiana District Judge Sarah Evans Barker on August 21, Indiana Secretary of State Connie Lawson issued an order mandating absentee ballot voters be informed of mismatched signature as reason for rejection of their ballot; setting forth the procedure for informing the voter when a ballot is rejected for a mismatched signature; and establishing a procedure permitting a voter to cure a mismatched ballot envelope signature

Analysis of Indiana's Redistricting

See the results of redistricting as analyzed by

PlanScore is a project of the nonpartisan Campaign Legal Center (CLC), a national nonprofit organization that fights for every American’s right to participate in the democratic process.

Redistricting Mapping Software

Try your hand at redistricting... use the same software that the Indiana Citizens Redistricting Commission (ICRC) is using.


Voting Laws Roundup 2021
See the research from the Brennan Center about 2021 laws

How hard is it to vote in your state?
Article from Northern Illinois University comparing voting 
difficulty by state

Securing Our Elections: Verifiable Ballots
See a white paper on verifiable ballots written by our Co-President Dr Linda Hanson.

Election Integrity
Election-Integrity -A Pro-Voter Agenda 2017 
From the Brennan Center

Immigration Law
See the Virtual Speaker Series from LWV Muncie-Delaware County featuring immigration attorney Angela Adams
February 27, 2021

Vote411 Resources

Publicity Tools From LWVUS And LWVIN

Vote411 Promotion and Tools  (PDF)
View the Powerpoint from the 9/9/20 LWVIN Workshop.  Contains many ideas for promoting Vote411 including media examples
(download powerpoint file) Widgets and QR codes
Visit the Vote411 site to get interactive webpage widgets and QR codes for publicity media such as banners and pamphlets

LWV Flickr Page - Photos
Visit the LWVUS Flickr page for many photos that can be used in publicity materials

2020 Election Season Social Media Materials
Find sample posts and graphics for you to use leading up to election day from the LWVUS.

Logos-LWV Brand Standards and Logo Files
Get official logos for your materials

Promotion - LWVIN Tools

Provided as a shared resource by the Local Leagues and may be modified as needed

Extensive resources from LWV Indy  
LWV Indy provides a link to their Shared Google drive containing a wealth of examples including education, absentee ballots, social media, new citizen information, Voter ID rules, checklists, and more.  View Google Drive

Vote411 Project Plan Example 
An example of a Project time line for using Vote411 from LWV Hamilton County

Social Media

Press Releases

Vote411 Press Release
Sample press release announcing available of

Online candiate forums
Example of Press Release for online forums from LWV Hamilton County

Print flyers/Cards

Letter to Editor
Sample 1

A letter to the Editor regarding Vote411 from LWV Greater Lafayette
Sample 2
A letter to the Editor of Student Newspaper regarding Vote411 from LWV Greater Lafayette
Sample 3
A letter to the Editor regarding Vote411 from LWV Greater Lafayette

Web Templates

Race/Office Descriptions

Sample 1
Job Descriptions of offices from LWV Fort Wayne Area

Sample 2
Job Descriptions of offices from LWVHamilton County
Sample 3 
Job Descriptions of Superior Court offices from LWV Greater Lafayette

Race Questions
Sample 1 - General Election
Sample questions for candidates in the General Election from the LWV Greater Lafayette
Sample 2 - General Election
Sample questions for candidates in the General Election from the LWV Fort Wayne Area
Sample 3 - Primary Election
Sample questions for candidates in the Primary Election from the LWV Hamilton County


Sample 1 - General Election
Sample invitation to candidates for the General Election from the LWV Greater Lafayette

ollow up

First Reminder to Participate
Reminder email example to candidates to participate from LWV Greater Lafayette

Email response to submission
Example of an email response to candidate after submitting information to Vote411 from LWV Greater Lafayette

Post-election Thank You to Candidates
Example of an email thank you to candidates after the election from LWV Greater Lafayette

Graphics (click to download) 

Card for handout

Card for handout

Example voter fact sheet

Sample Vote411 press release