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Resources from the Membership Committee


You’re inside our tool box now! Look around, check out our ideas and send us your League’s ideas! (

Photo courtesy of LWV Porter County (2021)

Recruiting New Members... things that work

Shared Recruitment Ideas

Hosting Recruitment Events  (suggestions from the local leagues)

Hosting recurrent gatherings for potential new members where a brief introduction to the league is provided.  Allow ample time to meet the members and entertain questions.

Hosting a membership social get-together with a wine and chocolate party. Each attending member would be encouraged to bring a non-member guest.  This could be a "Suffragist Day" or other themed gathering.

Sponsor a "FriendRaiser," which can also be a fundraiser.  And even if people don't want to join at that particular event, they can sign up to be on a Friends of the League mailing list.  They might want to join at a later time, so at least you have their email address so you can follow up with them.

Photos courtesy of LWV Johnson County

Have membership materials available

Provide a membership “rack card” or other material which could be handed out at events or mailed to potential new members.

Have a membership table at all your meetings and have information about your league available... staffed by enthusiastic members.

Share videos and photos from recruiting events on your webpages and social media account.

Prepare an introductory video that can be shown on your webpages.

Get new Members involved

Get the new/prospective members involved as soon as possible. This could be through the Observer Corp or another committee that interests them. They are probably interested in the League because they heard good things about the organization and want to be involved.  They could also be invited to attend committee or board meetings.

Make new/prospective members feel welcome and a part of the local League.

Assign a sponsor or mentor to new/prospective members.  The sponsor or mentor ideally should be a long-standing member who would meet and discuss the League's history, values, and purpose.  The sponsor or mentor should join them at meetings and provide introductions to the members.

Attract younger members

As our members age, it’s important to connect with the younger generation. Our League may begin to “look” and “connect” differently. This is a good thing!

Supporting younger members may mean offering financial support or reaching out to someone who can’t afford to join through:
a. Scholarships to the local League
b. Pay as you can payment plan
c. Reaching out to students...student memberships are free or inexpensive.

Consider offering financial assistance with dues

Set up a special fund to support new members and ask for donations.

Consider using the Coupon module within ClubExpress to offer discounted memberships to new members or those who the dues may present a financial hardship.

Keep track of those who have expressed an interest but have not joined

Establish an "Interested Individual" mailing list category on your website.  Place names of those who are showing interest in the league in this category so they can receive the newsletter and special invitations.  (This is distinct from those who just like to receive your newsletter... it should be for those individuals likely to become a member).  

Consider including those new to the community, e.g. new faculty or staff at universities/schools, companies, boards.

Contact them periodically and extend special invitations.


New Member Rack Card
Sample card provided by LWV Montgomery County
(download jpg)

Note to Self Card
Sample reminder from LWV Calumet

(download jpg)

Mentor Checklist
A sample checklist for mentors from LWV Fort Wayne Area

New Member Orientation Guide
A powerpoint from LWV Fort Wayne Area

Professionally-produced Introduction to the League video provided by LWV Southwestern Indiana

Sample Introduction to the League video provided by LWV Johnson County


New Member Online Orientation
See the online course developed by LWV Austin Area, Texas

Photo from LWV Southwestern Indiana, February 2020

Photo from LWV Southwestern Indiana, February 2020

Retaining Members

Each year, all local leagues experience members who do not renew. Here is some shared ideas on how to retain those individuals who have already shown an interest in the League's activities by being a member.

"Retention begins at joining"

Make retaining members a priority

ClubExpress will automatically handle most renewals but each league experiences a number of non-renewals.

For those who don't renew, a personal contact via phone or email is very effective... especially from someone they know.

If they haven't been to a meeting recently, tell them what is coming up.  Perhaps ask if they would like to accompany another member.

They have already been a member because they agree with the goals of the league.  Make them feel a part of the league again.

LWV United States

"Welcome to the League!" / Member Onboarding Resources
League experience is broad and diverse, and the welcome process for new members is unique to each League. This resource serves as a template: Leagues are encouraged to pick and choose relevant guidance from this page and copy/paste language directly into their own onboarding materials. Leagues can customize any language or content to fit their needs.


Developing a relationship with your local media

Many local leagues have found that their local newspaper are very accessible and many ask the leagues to submit weekly or monthly articles.

Most local newspapers allow organizations to announce their activities in special sections of the paper.  Take advantage of this.

Some will accept articles and photos of activities.

Show the energy in your local league

Update your website and social media with photos of your events.  Action-oriented photos catch the most attention.

Try to maintain frequent activity on your social media.  Many recommend daily postings.

Maintain an up-to-date calendar on your website and be sure content (especially on home page) is current and reflects frequent updates.  Your league is constantly doing things and your sites need to reflect that activity.

Encourage existing members to talk up the LWV in other groups, organizations they are in, such as book clubs, church groups, fitness classes, at work, etc.   And make sure the existing LWV member gives out the website address to join.

LWV Montgomery County

Photo From LWV Southwestern Indiana, February 2020

Photo From LWVCalumet Area, August 2020


Working with other local organizations

Take advantage of opportunities offered by other organizations:

Street fairs
Displays at the local library.

Many leagues have successful relationships with:

American Association of University Women (AAUW)
American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU)

Chamber of Commerce
Community churches
Common Cause
Indiana VoteByMail


Voter Engagement 101

"How to Table an Event"
 from LWV Fort Wayne Area

Photo from LWV Calumet Area

Redistricting Reform Rally, Indianapolis, August 2021