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Newsletter - August 18, 2022

LWVIN | Published on 8/18/2022


From LINDA HANSON: You may want to look at the lengthy list of sessions under AGENDA just to see the plethora of opportunities for delegates, but particularly check out DELEGATE RESOURCES!

The Convention provided an excellent opportunity to see the messiness of democracy at work! The Proposed Program that had been vetted and available for some time moved smoothly through the approval process. Delegates also concurred with the LWVNY Health Care Update and the LWVCA Criminal Justice position. Five of ten proposed Resolutions were recommended and passed, including an emergency one for Reproductive Choice (SCOTUS delivered its decision on Roe during Convention). Speakers on the floor echoed the diverse and sometimes contentious unofficial discussions as delegates urged others to support their resolutions. An additional item passed to elevate passage of the ERA; existing League resources will be devoted to that.

These program decisions will be reflected in the updated“Impact on Issues.” The current version is HERE- also linked directly from on the LWVIN website under Resources HERE.

The Indiana League DID receive a lovely recognition for our work on People Powered Fair Maps 2019-2022— and LWV commitment to ramp up again in 3 years for the next redistricting efforts.

Linda Hanson

From KAREN MARTOGLIO: A new experience: Attending the LWVUS National Convention

Having been around League for years, I can wholeheartedly say that intelligent, passionate people are at the heart of our organization. Starting out timidly, my initial foray into what League does was attending my local business meetings eighteen years ago, and this summer afforded me another offering on the opposite spectrum of opportunities: participating in the National Convention.

The time span was three and a half days of networking with delegates and members from all over the United States, listening to plenaries, taking in focused learning experiences, and of course, voting on national officers and board members plus a wide variety of proposals.

The top three action items to me were:

**Passage of the“Campaign to make Democracy Work”, where language was added to work towards securing the popular vote to elect the US President.

**Adding the Equal Rights Amendment to the LWVUS programspecifically so that resources and focus can be used to accomplish its passage and further our mission.

**A change in dues where PMP (Per Member Payment) Allocation to LWVUS shall not exceed one-third of totals collected. This by-law amendment was passed and is part of a wider vision in the Structure Transformation Plan ( The new membership system is scheduled to be in place to make the transition no sooner than 2024.

Then, on top of these and other scheduled events, an impromptu moment-of-a-lifetime experience was marching on the Colorado State Capitol the afternoon after Roe v. Wade was overturned. More than 500 League members joined forces with 2500 other marchers to raise our voices for reproductive choice.

I am so fortunate to be involved in such a far-reaching and involved national organization! If any Indiana members would like to discuss this national event, I’m more than happy to hear from you. To view the items passed at Convention, they are outlined and linked HERE.

Karen Martoglio

CLICK HERE to see a photo album from the Convention.

At the recent League of Women Voters national convention, in Denver, Colorado, one of the orders of business for delegates was to vote on by-law changes for the organization. One of those by-law changes, which was adopted by a two-thirds vote, will be something you will notice in the future, once implemented, as you renew your annual membership.

As many longer-term members may know, in the past each local League across the country has set their own annual dues, and from that dues amount, since sometime in the 1970s, the local League pays a set amount, per member, to LWVUS, as well as to the state League, and then the local League keeps anything leftover after those payments for use in its own local budget. This system has been known for years as the “per member payment” or PMP, and is the mechanism by which when you join your local League you’re also joining LWVIN and LWVUS, all at the same time, and paying a portion of dues to each part of the League’s federated structure.

This by-law change eliminates the PMP payment, and instead creates a unified membership system in its place. Once this change is implemented,there will be one recommended annual dues amount across the country to join a local League, with the ability for a pay what you can for membership dues. This allows each person who joins or renews their membership in the organization to choose for themselves the amount they wish to pay for membership, either higher or lower, with the guideline of the recommended amount of annual dues in mind. Leagues that have, as pilot testing, implemented this “sliding scale” pricing structure have shown both an increase in total membership, and also have not lost revenue because of those who choose to pay more for their dues compensating for those who pay less. To accommodate this ability to pay on a sliding scale, the by-law changes have switched from requiring local Leagues to pay a set PMP amount to a percentage sharing structure for membership dues, between local, state and national, with LWVUS in the by-laws stating it will not take more than one-third of those dues collected.

These changes in membership structure, and the elimination of PMP are not taking place immediately, but instead the by-laws acknowledge that this new membership system will need to first be put in place. So while this change in membership structure is coming, it’s not quite here yet.

There are many reasons the Structure Task Force, the LWVUS Board of Directors, and ultimately the delegates to the convention felt these membership changes were necessary, and important. First, we believe these changes will help us grow our total membership, which is so important in making us a powerful organization that can fulfill our mission to “empower voters, and defend democracy.” Second, as we grow this membership we believe the sliding scale membership dues amount will allow us to gain members that better reflect the diversity of the electorate within our country.And finally, the change to a percentage sharing structure for membership dues, between the three levels of League, will allow more membership dues money to stay at the Local and State level, which is one way we can strengthen those levels of our organization, where the fight for democracy is currently happening.

As a member of the League Structure task force, during every single meeting and call where we discussed these ideas and plans for our League’s future, and later as a delegate at the Convention, representing my local League, I was thinking of Indiana, and how these structural changes would help grow and strengthen our local Leagues, as well as LWVIN. I’m so thrilled that the delegates at the Convention shared that same vision, and adopted these changes. I know they are a departure from the past, and change can feel daunting, but I am excited to see how strong our League will grow as these membership changes occur over the coming year.

Taylor Flanery


The LWVIN Membership Committee and the Board have set a goal of increasing membership: “2000 in 2022”

To provide an additional incentive, the State PMP for all new members from August 1 to December 31, 2022, will be refunded to the local leagues. That means$15 back to the league for programming for each new member during this time frame. ($7.50 for household members)

new webpagewill be available shortly on the LWVIN website with suggestions, materials, and “things that work” shared by the local leagues.

Myra Abbott and Tom Gardiner

As you begin with newly constituted local boards, please take time to look at the Board Training/Development resources available from LWVUS HERE.The videos are also available HERE on under Resources—Local Leaders


Proposed Member Rights & Responsibilities Policies


CLICK HERE to view aJuly 25 album of photos from the Calumet local.
CLICK HERE to see a photo album of more rallies and testimony at the State House.

CLICK HERE to access Linda Hanson's SB 1 blog posts.

Nan Barber, Linda Hanson, and Mary Till (left to right)


Nan Barber(LWVMuncie-Delaware County and a life member) was in the Chamber when the Indiana Legislature ratified the ERA 45 years ago. She was one of still-many strong who gathered to celebrate that achievement, organized by Indiana NOW and held in Indianapolis on August 6.Many of the individuals who were involved in the original campaign were there to tell their stories of a truly remarkable effort.

Mary Till, who was a key organizer of the campaign to pass the ERA in Indiana, served as the master of ceremonies. She no longer lives in Indiana, but she and Sue Errington were serving as co-organizers for this celebration--and then Sue tested positive for COVID and couldn't attend!

We need to exert some of their energy now to convince Congress to remove the deadline for certifying the necessary 38 states have ratified the ERA as a Constitutional Amendment!

Linda Hanson

CLICK HERE to see photos from the ERA celebration.

The Summer Challenge has been expanded to March 1, 2023!

More information will be included in the September newsletter.

It’s easy. Here’s what you need to do:

1. Meet with members of your League and choose a book, documentary or podcast that deals with any voting rights issue which interests your members. We are offering a resource list to make it easier for you.

2.If you are reading a bookset a date to discuss the book and create an action plan.

3.If you are viewing a documentary or listening to a podcast, set a date to watch or listen, discuss, and create an action plan.

4.The discussion leader should prepare questions to aid participation and lead discussion toward creating an attainable and needed action follow-up.

Summer Challenge - 2022


Presidents Day-Saturday October 15, Ivy Tech, Indianapolis

LWVIN Convention-Friday June 9 - Sunday June 11, 2023,Clifty Falls State Park, Madison, IN
Additional information forthcoming!


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