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LWVUS statement on transition of presidential power

LWVUS  | Published on 11/23/2020

Comments from Linda Hanson and Barb Schilling, CoPresidents, LWV Indiana

It is law that the presidential transition follow the standards set forth in the Presidential Transition Act of 1963 (PTA).


The PTA authorizes the General Services Administrator, or GSA, to ascertain the apparent winner. Once done, the money is given to the incoming administration to begin the process of moving into the White House. 


The GSA asked Congress for the funds ($9.9 million this year) and Congress released it in early October. Now the GSA, Emily Murphy, is refusing to sign the paperwork to begin this transition. 


The League of Women Voters board president Dr. Deborah Turner and CEO Virginia Kase issued the following statement on ascertainment, the formal presidential transition of power: 

LWV Statement on Transition of Power

WASHINGTON – Today the League of Women Voters board president Dr. Deborah Turner and CEO Virginia Kase issued the following statement on ascertainment, the formal presidential transition of power:  

“A peaceful transition of power is essential to our democracy and required to ensure national security continuity between administrations. The current administration’s refusal to ascertain president-elect Joe Biden is disgraceful and puts our entire country at risk.

“This delay prevents the future president from participating in essential classified briefings, holds up security clearances for their new staff, and denies the incoming administration vital information about the pandemic as cases around the country spike and more people die. 

“The League of Women Voters of the United States calls on the General Services Administration to fulfill the duties and ascertain president-elect Joe Biden immediately.” 


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