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Resources - Creating a New Local League


This page contains information gathered during the creation of a new local league during 2021-22.

Abbreviated steps in creation of new league.

  • Determine interest

  • Review feasibility with LWVIN board and board assigns an Advisor

  • Advisor prepares informational meeting with interested parties to review criteria to become a new local league

  • Focus on team building

  • Identify core local leaders

  • Complete Memorandum of Understanding with LWVIN Board

  • Prepare local league documents
        (Bylaws, Non-Partisan Policy, DEI Policy)

  • Prepare legal and financial documents
        Obtain Employer Identification Number (EIN)
        File IRS 8976 declaring 501(c)(4) status
        Establish business checking account

  • Establish information system infrastructure 
        (Domain, website, ClubExpress)

  • Host local recruitment meetings

  • Plan a community event

  • Apply to national for recognition



Informational Meeting Agenda

Suggested agenda for meeting with potential new League individuals


Memorandum of Understanding

State Criteria to become a local League


FIVE Stages of Team Development

Learning to work as a team.

Learning about the League

League Principles

LWVUS Non-partisan Policy

LWVIN Nonpartisanship Policy

LWVUS DEI Policy (Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion)

Adopting a Study - Reaching Consensus


  LWVIN Positions
  State public policy positions

  LWVUS Impact on Issues
  Impact on Issues is designed to help League leaders use LWVUS public policy positions effectively at the state and local levels.



From LWV United States

Starting a Local League
Provides the beginning framework for:
    Simplifying and streamlining internal administrative practices;
    Focusing energy on programs that make an impact; and
    Leveraging new interest in the organization.

Local League Starter Kit
Step by step instructions on forming a new local League.

LWVUS League Management webpage
Find resources to help you and your League succeed. This website is intended for League members engaged in all areas of League work. 

League Governance webpage

Source of many useful documents; many listed below

League Governance 101 Checklist - View  (download Excel)
Generic but detailed spreadsheet from the LWVUS with steps to be taken

Bylaws Template
Sample bylaws for a local league
All state and local Leagues are required to match LWVUS in their first three articles and to include a nonpartisan and DEI policy as outlined in Article II.

Simplified Parliamentary Procedure
Although dated (1979), this pamphlet created by the LWVUS provides an easy-to-understand, greatly simplified version of the essentials of Robert's Rules of Order and is a good quick reference.

DEI Lens
What To Ask When Examining Your Work Through a Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Lens

Developing and Implementing a Nonpartisan Policy
Each League’s board of directors is responsible for drafting and carrying out a nonpartisan policy in its community.

League Insurance Needs - FAQ
Different types of insurance and how Leagues should think about their insurance needs.

Photo Video Release Template
Use these waiver/notice templates when conducting photo and video shoots of your League events.

Training Series: How to Work as a Board of Directors
This three-part, on-demand training series reviews how boards can most effectively conduct their work and better understand their roles. It’s intended for both newly elected and experienced board members of state and local Leagues. Presented by nonprofit management coach Marla Weston, the series is broken down into three sessions: “Serving on a Board of Directors: Governing Well,” “High Performing Board of Directors: Working Together,” and “Creating a Powerful Board-Staff Partnership.”

Request for League Recognition (form removed from LWVUS)
LWVUS Board must approve the formation, merging, and disbandment of League entities, as well as all League name changes and boundary changes.

Guide to LWVUS Services for Leagues
Description of services LWVUS provides for local and state Leagues and the work LWVUS does at the national level.

For further questions, contact

IRS RESOURCES ----------------

IRS Publication 557 - Tax Exempt Status for Your Organization
A major reference quide from the IRS

Instructions for Form 1024-A
Application for Recognition of Exemption Under Section 501(c)(4) of the Internal Revenue Code

'Stay Exempt' Resources
Link to IRS website with guidance on how to stay exempt

Webinar - "Maintaining 501(c)(3) Tax Exempt Status"
Link to IRS webinar

Form 990 Resources
Most local leagues can file the required yearly 990 report via the simple ePostcard. This is a link to the IRS website with specific information

Small to Mid-Size Tax Exempt Organization Workshop
IRS resource regarding Exempt Organizations