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LWVIN  | Published on 1/1/2020


Indiana restudied its positions on Redistricting in 2012-2013.  The position was expanded and adopted by the LWVIN Board of Directors in July 2013.  Revised by the LWVIN Board of Directors June 2019.  


The Position:  A citizen commission should determine voting districts in the state of Indiana. 


  • A commission should be constituted so as to preclude electoral benefit to any individual or political party. 
  • Districts should be compact and contiguous. They should respect existing political and geographical boundaries, such as cities and counties. 


  • The drawing of districts should consider factors such as ethnicity, language, socio-economic background and location. Political affiliation or past voting record should not be considered. 


  • Incumbency should not be considered. 


  • Within the parameters of the federal Voting Rights Act, population size should be one of several factors considered when drawing districts. 


  • Transparency is of the utmost importance. All meetings of the commission should be public, and maps, records, transcripts and data should be available to the public. Adequate opportunities for public hearings should be provided, including review of the final plan. 


  • The commission should provide written justification for the final district boundaries. 



Restudied 2012-2013 

Expanded and Adopted by LWVIN Board of Directors, July 2013

Revised by LWVIN Board of Directors, June 2019

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