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2016 Indiana Legislative News & Resources


This page contains information about some of the legislation and issues of interest to the League of Women Voters of Indiana. For information about additional legislation in the current session of the Indiana General Assembly, please visit the website of the Indiana General Assembly .

LWVIN Statements and Testimony

Voting Rights / Civic Engagement

Since its founding in 1920 when women secured the right to vote, the League of Women Voters has been committed to fostering civic engagement and breaking down access barrier to voting. The LWV believes all eligible voters should have equal access and opportunity to cast their ballot on Election Day. Click here to learn more about the League's commitment to voting rights.

SB 135 + Voter Registration and Other Voting Matters

Author: Tallian

Committee: Elections

The LWVIN supports SB 135 and believes it is a positive step in reducing access barriers to voting on Election Day.

Read our letter to the editor in the South Bend Tribune

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Gun Safety

The League of Women Voters supports common sense measures to prevent gun violence. Read more about the LWV's stance here.

SB 36 + Hand Gun Licenses & Alcohol

Author: Tomes

Committee: Judiciary

The LWVIN opposes SB 36 and believes it moves Indiana in the wrong direction when it comes to gun safety. SB36

Reproductive Rights

The League of Women Voters believes public policy in a pluralistic society must affirm the constitutional right of privacy of the individual to make reproductive choices. Read more about the LWV's position here.

SB 144 + Abortion

Authors: Banks & Schneider

Committee: Health & Provider Services

The LWVIN opposes SB 144 as it would potentially restrict abortion access after 6 weeks of pregnancy which is in violation of Roe v. Wade.