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2017 Indiana Legislative News & Resources

2017 Indiana Legislative News & Resources

Voting Rights / Elections

If your legislator serves on any of the committees these bills are assigned to, please email or call (as a constituent) asking them to support or oppose the following:

HB1178 (Kersey), provides an application to obtain or renew a driver's license automatically serves as a voter registration. SUPPORT

HB 1179 (Kersey) and SB 257 (Tallian), provide county election boards the ability to extend voting hours to 8p.m. and also provides for same-day voter registration. SUPPORT

HB1329 (Slager), requires a voter who casts an absentee ballot to supply an I.D. photocopy. OPPOSE

League members in Marion County might want to check out HB1036, HB1196, SB79, SB334, & SB335; in Lake County HB1147, SB272; and in St. Joseph County SB272.

Click here to learn more about the League's long history of supporting voting rights and access to the vote.

Reproductive Rights

One of the latest anti-choice bills filed is SB404 (Houchin) which, among other things, would make it illegal for anyone to assist an unemancipated minor in seeking abortion services. Rep. Curt Nisly also filed HB1134 which would ban all abortions.

SB404 has been assigned to Senate Judiciary and HB1134 to House Public Policy. The League opposes both bills.

The LWV's position on reproductive health care can be found here. Supporting positions related to individual liberties, health care, and meeting basic human needs can also be consulted.


Excerpted from an AFT Indiana update. No action is requested.

The Senate Education Committee met this week and took testimony on:

SB 35 + Teacher Evaluations (Ford) that would hold teachers harmless until 2020.

SB 86 + School Curriculum (Leising) calling for cursive writing to be taught.

SB 87 + Report Cards (Leising) that would mandate use of letter grades on report cards rather than sole use of standards based reporting.